Shakespeare + Small town + Second Chance Romance

My new novella "The Marry Wives of Sweetheart" draws inspiration and a few pity quotes from the Bard as a meddling momma decides to help her daughter reconcile with the man that got away. It features the return of Sweetheart's hilarious Candy Hearts Festival and may...

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A flirty book trailer

The trailer has dropped for my new novel Lone Star Sweetheart. The book releases May 23, 2023!

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A new romcom in May 2023!

My new novel Lone Star Sweetheart is coming soon! What's the story? Think The Taming of the Shrew meets small-town Texas. When local spitfire Katherine Bruno is drafted as the campaign manager for a small-town mayoral election, her opposition is big city political...

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Yoo-hoo, Mr. Darcy!

Do you love Jane Austen's hard-shelled, soft-hearted hero as much as me? Then check out the article I wrote for Just Between Us. It tells of the sometimes hilarious trip I took on a Pride and Prejudice bus tour and the valuable lesson I learned from it. You can find...

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Thankful for romance and authors

It's my favorite holiday. No, not Christmas. Thanksgiving! Let's not race past the fabulous time of family and feasting to get to the holly and ivy. Stay tuned at the end of this newsletter for my family's delicious cranberry salad recipe.Another thing I'm thankful...

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Act-Like-A-Kid Coupon

The dark-haired man caught my attention as I left the supermarket. It wasn’t because he was so handsome. (Who can even tell with the masks these days?) No, despite the gray at his temples, he had one foot on the bottom of his shopping cart and scooted it along like a...

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