Lone Star Sweetheart

Katherine Bruno is the crusading spitfire of Sweetheart, TX. When she’s drafted to run an election campaign for the local
mayoral race, she meets her opposition – big city, political consultant Ryan Park. Ryan is ready to use all the tricks in his
sophisticated resume to ensure a win, including the most fun strategy – flirtation.

This inspirational romcom is now available through Scrivenings Press. It is the first book in the Sweetheart Series.

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Lone Star Sweetheart by author Shannon Sue Dunlap
Much Ado about Romance by author Shannon Sue Dunlap

Much Ado about Romance


The Marry Wives of Sweetheart by Shannon Sue Dunlap—Mrs. Augusta Page knows best—for her daughter, Anne, and the whole town of Sweetheart, Texas. When Anne’s former boyfriend, Conner Fenton, returns after many years of absence, it’s a rocky road to reconciliation. Connor attempts to rekindle their romance, but Anne’s wounded heart never forgave him when he left her behind for the big city.

Augusta enlists the help of her longtime buddy Veronica “Ronnie” Ford to do a little matchmaking, but obstacles abound. Her husband is against the romance, and foolish friend-of-the-family John Falstaff has taken a shine to Anne and asked for assistance. But the biggest obstacle is her daughter’s stubborn heart. Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford have their work cut out to inspire Anne Page to join the ranks of the “marry” wives of Sweetheart.

The Tempest in the Bay by Susan Page Davis—A famous writer has retreated to an island home with only his daughter. For ten years, he’s hidden away and not sent his publisher any new manuscripts. His daughter Violet is now 20 and wondering if it’s time for her to see more of the world since her contact with the mainland is only through Darrell, a rather sluggish man from the shore community who brings out supplies once a month.

Paul’s brother Barney and the CEO of his publisher’s company set out on a yacht to track him down. But a storm intervenes, and when the sailing party lands on his island, Paul isn’t sure he wants to go back.

Much Ado about Matrimony by Linda Fulkerson—Tricia Waters has resigned herself to the fact she’ll never have a happily ever after, so she focuses on making her cousin’s upcoming wedding a memorable one. But when she discovers her ex-fiancé is the best man, she vows to evade him. That is, until the two must work together to prevent the happy couple from breaking up.

Reeling from a personal tragedy, Dr. Ben McIntyre travels to serve as his buddy’s best man only to discover the maid of honor is the love of his life. Or she was, until she ended their engagement six years earlier. He plans to keep his distance from Tricia. When circumstances keep pushing them to work together, Ben learns that avoidance is futile.

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Love Overboard

A snort-laughing, cruise ship romance takes readers into topsy-turvy waters

When a group of four quirky friends retire on a neverending round of cruises, their attire consists of more than floral shirts and gaudy skirts. Armed with walkie-talkies and battle plans, these relationship experts–who’ve dubbed themselves the “Shippers”–target hostess Lacey Anderson and director Jonathan King in their romantic schemes. But the young couple refuses to cooperate. They’ve been on the “love boat” together before, and it went down in flames.

Boss matchmaker Emily Windsor has orchestrated multiple romantic successes, and these two upstarts certainly won’t get the best of her. The chemistry between Lacey and Jonathan is obvious, but the couple rebuffs every outlandish plot and “coincidental” meeting, forcing the matchmakers to chart a new course to true love–all while inadvertently thwarting drug smugglers threatening to ruin their floating home on the ocean.

This laugh-out-loud rom-com features loveable characters, over-the-top situations reminiscent of 1950s sitcoms, and a dash of mystery. The toe-curling romance will push the reader overboard and all in with Shannon Dunlap’s new series.


Love Overboard by author Shannon Sue Dunlap
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