Act-Like-A-Kid Coupon

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The dark-haired man caught my attention as I left the supermarket. It wasn’t because he was so handsome. (Who can even tell with the masks these days?) No, despite the gray at his temples, he had one foot on the bottom of his shopping cart and scooted it along like a child. He built up a good speed, hopped all the way on, and rode his rickety chariot across the pavement. His carefree action brought a smile to my face. When I got home, I thought about the simple pleasures I used to enjoy. Riding my banana seat bike side-saddle. Dressing up and acting like a princess. Wasn’t there something I could do to recapture my youth, even if just for a few seconds? Inspiration hit me. I climbed on my bed and jumped like a crazy kid, all while carefully avoiding the pile of unfolded laundry on the side. A few seconds and it was over, but I felt lighter somehow. How about you? I dare you to think of something you haven’t done in a few decades and indulge. Who cares if it’s embarrassing? I even created a coupon. If anyone gives you a weird look, just show them your free pass.

Act-Like-A-Kid Coupon

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