Author Shannon Sue Dunlap


I use the pseudonym Shannon Kent for my kimchi-flavored romances. Several years ago, I fell in love with the beautiful country of South Korea through watching its funny and heartfelt dramas. It impacted my writing in a big way, and I hope I’ve done justice to this amazing culture. I’ve also used my real name writing for different websites, blogs, and periodicals. 

Author Shannon Sue Dunlap

The Writer’s Life

My ideas come from everywhere. You know the disclaimer at the beginning of books and movies about any resemblance to real persons being a coincidence? Yeah, right! Writers are always soaking in the people around them. (Not to sound creepy, but I once followed a stranger through the airport because I thought she talked like one of my characters, and I wanted to hear what she would say next.) One of my greatest hopes is that readers recognize themselves in my books. We’re all such a fabulous mix of flaws and greatness, and everyone is the hero or heroine in their own life story.

Flower Boy Tour Guide by Shannon Sue Dunlap

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